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The Filipino Habit: Mañana and Bahala Na

Philippines as what other nations have,possesses tose distinct characteristics wich has been a trademark of the Filipino people. Those are the traits which distinguish the people of the Philippines from other nationalities. This has been commonly observed among the Filipinos throughout the country. Some traits are very pleasing enumerated such as being hospitable to visitors but undeniably, we’ve got these two main “not so good” habit of Filipinos: the Mañana habit and “bahala na”.

Let’s just imagine ourselves being dumped down with so may tasks, so many jobs to do and so many problems to handle. We, Filipinos, often say,” bahala na”. We say this as if we’re entrusting such things to other people or we just let things happen without so much thinking about the consequences or possible outcome of such notion. We tend to give up finding a solution to a certain situation and let things be because we’re tired to continue -

Tired despite of enough time and opportunities given.

We could also notice that when being told by someone to accomplish such tasks, we say, ” ill do that later”. We leave things undone and proceed to do things we preferably want to do. This commonly happens at home,school or even in an office. The result is DELAY; more problems encountered.

This is not to give bad impression to the Philippine citizenry. Maybe this is just a wake up call that even the former president Carlos P. Romulo highlighted during his administration. We only want the best for us and a process and we therefore need to undergo a process called change in order to attain self-development to give in this kaleidoscope world. Eradicate laziness, get things done right before the deadline. Let’s come up to the realization of  the importance of these traits we have. This has been a very big barrier for us, Filipinos, to achieve what we want no matter how great or small. Let’s be reminded every time that in order to succeed, we must learn to persevere. Probably, we could start at home, the basic unit of society, which could be the most influential unit, a perfect place to start the change we intend to have.